Turiya Haudenhuyse




A day at the Oxford Lieder Festival: Bach Revived

"The three songs by Bach, Bist du bei mir, Willst du dein Herz mir schenken and So oft ich meine Tobackspfeife were accompanied by Sholto Kynoch (piano) and Christian Elliot (cello). Turiya Haudenhuyse has a rich toned voice, and brought out the charm and character of the songs in a performance which was not quite romantic but was not historically informed either, thus bringing us a little closer to how Schumann would have heard this music."

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PlANET hugill: Small scale, yet intense - Gluck's iphigénie en tauride

"The opera was performed in highly creditable, expressive and comprehensible French. Turiya Haudenhuyse in particular seemed to have the knack also of the correct placement of the voice for this repertoire, so her dialogue never seemed too wide or open but had just the right nasal tang to it. Turiya Haudenhuyse was a gloriously rich Iphigénie, her voice combining a smooth lower register with a vibrant yet easy top. She had the right gravity of manner and intensity."

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Intense and Intimate: ‘Iphigenie en Tauride’ in a pub

"Stand out performances, for me, were by Turiya Haudenhuyse in the title role, and tenor Joseph Doody, who played Pylades."

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Don giovanni goes on the rails

"The wonderful cast includes soprano Ranveig Káradóttir, who returns to Rye after appearing in La Traviata last year, and she, along with Turiya Haudenhuyse as Zerlina and Jerome Knox were my particular favourites, but it is invidious of me to single out anyone in so talented a cast; they were all excellent."

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